Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jeremy's Bo Staff Form

I know that we haven't posted here lately, but I think watching this video will be worth the wait!

Jeremy and Miranda are both practicing their Tae Kwon Do forms and sparring to prepare for an upcoming tournament. Jeremy will also be competing in weapons with his bo staff. At one point while practicing his bo staff form, Jeremy hits himself in the head! He has never done this before, and we were very excited to catch the historic moment on video. I hope you enjoy this video clip.


Robin said...

Just a few comments here:
1) Do you get extra points for hitting yourself in the head?
2) How come you didn't yell that loud when you hit yourself in the head?
3) I knew that sooner or later someone would knock some sense into your head...I just didn't know it would be you.
4) Alan, that was mean showing it over and over agan. (BUT FUNNY!!)
5) Yes, Jeremy it was funny
6) And last but not least.. I love you!! ;-)

Aunt Robin

Samurai Queen said...

Haha! I couldn't stop laughing. Yes, Jeremy, it is funny!! XP

I couldn't believe you hit yourself in the head. That's never happened before. Let's hope it doesn't happen at the tournament. ;D

That said, your form's looking really good, so good job!

Mrs. Stancil

Kirstie said...

Jason mentioned the hollow sound when you hit your head. I know the Bo staff is solid. Hmmm????

Thanks for the laugh!

randa said...

hahaha you hit yourself in the head

Lacee said...

Yes, Jeremy, it is funny! I'd say the slow motion was the best.

But besides that wonderful "thunk," the form looks really good. I bet you'll win a trophy at the tournament with it.

- Lacee