Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pushups Update - after 2 weeks

So, Jeremy and I (Alan) have continued the 100 pushups program for the last two weeks. I told you about starting the program in the post "100 pushups". So, how are we doing with pushups?

Well, the program is not causing Jeremy any problems yet. He can easily do 30-40 consecutive pushups even after the workout program. But, these next two weeks will be more difficult for him.

And me? Well, when we started, we had to do as many consecutive pushups as we could do. I could do 6. I know, right!?!? Anyway, that's why I wanted to do this program. I needed the exercise. After two weeks, I did another consecutive pushup test today. And, for this test, I did 22 pushups!!! No, not as many as Jeremy - and probably not a many as most people can do - but sooooo much better for me. This next two weeks is going to kill me - literally. But, I'm excited to see how much I improve after two more weeks.


Robin said...

Alan, that is awesome!! I'm proud of you. How many push ups did Jeremy start of doing?

You guys are both doing great!!


Alan Knox said...


Jeremy didn't do the first pushup test because we already knew he could do enough to make it to the highest level. He hasn't taken the test yet today, but again, we know that he can do enough to make it to the highest level. But, if he makes it through the next two weeks, then he'll definitely have to take the consecutive pushup test for weeks 5 and 6.

Thanks for the encouragment!