Friday, October 31, 2008

Rastafarian and an 80's Homecoming Queen

Earlier this evening, Jeremy and Miranda went to a friend's house for a costume party. Jeremy dressed as a Rastafarian, and Miranda dressed as an 80's Homecoming Queen. Jeremy was chosen as having the best costume. Here are some of the pictures:

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Mark'sMeg said...

ha, ha, they look awesome! how long did it take to do the hair?
Meg D

Alan Knox said...

Jeremy's hair or Miranda's hair?

Denise and Mandie braided Jeremy's hair for about 2 hours Thursday night. Then, Margaret added beads for about another 2 hours.

Margaret worked on Miranda's hair for about an hour... and only one can of hair spray.


Renata said...

How fun. So where did Miranda find the dress?

Margaret Knox said...

The dress is Denise Miller's. Ha!Ha!