Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Win!

Jeremy's football team won their first game yesterday. We travelled to Wilmington, NC - about 2 1/2 hours away - early Saturday morning. The game was scheduled to start around 1:00 pm, but for some reason they decided to start 30 minutes early. Margaret and some friends arrived just after the game started. During the game the temperature was in the 90's with very high humidity. The boys went through several coolers of water during the game. But, we were very proud of our boys. They played hard and won the game in the fourth quarter - a very difficult time of a hot and humid football game.

Jeremy started the game playing fullback and defensive tackle. During the game, the coach asked him to play offensive tackle to block one of their defensive players who was breaking through our offensive line. Also, he played linebacker part of the game to help with some defensive problems.

Just after half-time, Jeremy got sick for a while. It was probably due to the heat, his not being hydrated enough (our fault), eating lunch late, and starting the game early. After resting a few minutes (he normally plays the whole game), and drinking some water, he played the remainder of the game.

By the way, the team had an exceptional waterboy for this game. (His name was Alan... you all would have been proud of him.)

Unfortunately, we do not have pictures of the football game... or the waterboy in action.


Leah said...

C'mon! We want the waterboy!!

Way to go Jeremy!!

Alan Knox said...


I know that I'm the star of the team. But, the players did well also.


Lew A said...

Congrats Jeremy on the big win!

Foosball is the Devil!