Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jeremy's first football game

Jeremy's team (the Wake Forest Titans) played their first football game of the season Saturday evening. Unfortunately, the Titans lost, but they played a very good game. They were very disciplined and played the fundamentals very well. They lost primarily because of turn-overs and problems with kick-off returns.

On offense, Jeremy played fullback. At times, in their offense, the fullback lines up in the wing position. Jeremy did not get to run the ball this game, but he blocked well.

On defense, Jeremy played defensive tackle. He made several tackles during the game, including tackling the quarterback in the backfield a few times. He also chased down someone who had intercepted the ball and kept him from scoring.

Jeremy also played on all special teams. Besides a few plays where the coach substituted someone else at defensive tackle, Jeremy played the whole game. He was very tired after the game, but managed to eat a couple of Krispy Kreme donuts. On Sunday, Jeremy was still very tired and his arms are black and blue.

You will all be very proud of Margaret. She managed to stay off the field, even when Jeremy came off the field at one point holding his arm. (His arm was okay. He only missed a couple of plays.)

Miranda also enjoyed the football game - although, I'm not sure she watched the game itself. She was very excited because the Titan cheerleaders came to our game. She and a friend stood in front of the cheerleaders the whole game. Miranda is hoping to cheer next year.

We were also very excited that many of our friends drove down to Raleigh (about 30-40 minute drive) to watch Jeremy play. Counting our family, Jeremy had more supporters than there were players on his team. We thank God for giving us such great friends.


Leah said...

Way to go Jeremy! We thought of you yesterday, knowing you were playing in your first game. Talk your mom or dad into taking pictures next time - we'd love to see some of the action. Did you try any TKD moves on anyone? :)

The Knox Clan said...

Mrs. Leah,

Thank you for thinking about me. The game was really fun, but it hurt some. Mr. Mael took some pictures. They wouldn't let me take my bo staff or my sword on the field.