Friday, November 9, 2007

Parents Night Out

A couple of weeks ago, Miranda said that she would like to serve some of our friends by keeping their children while the parents had a date night. Around the same time, a new friend named Katie said that she would like to help with a Parents Night Out. Margaret volunteered our home and got everything ready to host the Parents Night Out. Our friend Patti also volunteered to help. (By the way, a few of us guys were there to do whatever the ladies told us to do: myself, Katie's fiancee Geth, and Jeremy.)

We kept 14 children from six different families. Patti came up with some crafts. She helped the children make scarecrows and apple turkeys (see the pictures). She also brought a "pin the beak on the turkey" game. We had a great time with all the children, and enjoyed hanging out with Patti, Katie, and Geth, as well as visiting with the parents when they picked up the children. Some neighbors - Kevin and Misty - even dropped by in case we had some extra children left over. Enjoy the pictures!

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Lew A said...


It looks like everyone had a blast!

You know though, pin-the-tail games are pagan... so I'm sorry, but you've lost your ticket to Heaven.


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Leah said...

How fun! It is very encouraging to see you all serving in tangible ways. Although with kids that cute, it couldn't have been too much work! I can't believe how grown up everyone is getting!! What lovely hearts you all have - thanks for sharing!