Sunday, April 27, 2008

Exploring Waterfalls

We just returned from a family vacation to the mountains of western North Carolina. In the area where we stayed, there were several waterfalls. One day, we visited some of the waterfalls and recorded videos of our adventures. I hope you enjoy the video and some of the fun that we had on our vacation.


markandmeg said...

What a beautiful waterfall!! I kept waiting for Miranda or Jeremy to push each other in the water :) Looks like you guys had a great hike, though!
Meg D.

Samurai Queen said...

1. That was a beautiful waterfall!
2. Excellent commentary on your explorations, Alan.
3. Miranda, I really thought Jeremy was going to push you at one point. :D
4. Jeremy, what were you doing in the trees??
5. That *was* pretty daring, Margaret. ;D

Glad you guys had a blast! ^_^

-Cheryl S.

christy said...

We were trying to recognize where you guys were located....since you were in the NC Mountains! You had us in suspense... until we googled it ;)
Seriously, the waterfalls were absolutely gorgeous and I'm am sure they were much more so in person.
Give your family our love!