Sunday, May 4, 2008

I can still take him...

Last Saturday, Jeremy and Miranda's Tae Kwon Do class took part in Meet in the Street in downtown Wake Forest. They did a 30 minute long presentation which included martial arts forms and weapons, self-defense demonstrations, board breaks, and some dramatic presentations. I'll post more photos and videos later.

In case you can't tell, in the photo above (taken by our friend Cindy), Jeremy is jumping up in the air and breaking two boards at the same time - one with a punch in front of him and one with a kick behind him. Yes, those are real pine boards, and no, they were not pre-broken.

And, yes, he looks really tough, but I can still take him.


markandmeg said...

That is an awesome pic! I got to MITS late and missed that part, so I'm glad to see the pic. Way to go, Jeremy!

Samurai Queen said...

That's the best pic I've seen so far! Poster worthy, I'd say! Jeremy, I'm really proud of you for breaking both.

I'm still on a high about how well things went. That was our best demo ever!

Cheryl S.

Robin said...

That is so very awesome! I wish I would have been there to see it live. I'd love to have a copy of that pic. (hint hint)

Aunt Robin

Lacee said...

Dude. That's an insanely amazing picture. xD