Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meet in the Street 2008 - Part 3

This is the third video from Meet in the Street 2008 in Wake Forest. I've edited together all of the board breaking parts of the presentation into one video.

There are some really awesome board breaks in this section, including Jeremy breaking two different boards at one time. At about the 1 minute mark on the video, Jeremy begins setting up the boards. He jumps up and breaks one board in front of him with a punch, and another board behind him with a kick.

Also, around the 4:15 mark, a large group of students begin setting up to break boards. Miranda is the fifth person to break her board. She does a great job!

I hope you enjoy this video.

1 comment:

Samurai Queen said...

You did a wonderful job editing the scenes together, Alan! I thought we outdid ourselves with the board-breaks this time. :D

Cheryl S.