Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miranda made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving

This afternoon, we started preparing Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow. Well, actually, Margaret and Miranda started most of the preparing, although I did have to do some auxiliary activities like getting the mixer out of the pantry and washing the turkey.

Miranda wanted to help Margaret. So, Margaret asked her to make the pumpkin pie. Miranda mixed the crust using fresh ground wheat. She also rolled the crust and shaped it in the pan. Then she mixed and added the pumpkin filling.

We think Miranda's pumpkin pie looks delicious, and we can't wait to try it tomorrow! Here are a few pictures:

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Robin said...

So, how was the pie?

I really missed you guys this year!

Robin said...

Hey! Mike relized we have the same micro and stove.

Renata said...

Way to go, Miranda!
Margaret, does that mean I need to send back your rolling pin?