Monday, November 10, 2008

Pushups - Again

After starting the hundred push ups program - and making it about half way through it - I started having eye problems that zapped my strength. Then, I cut my hand and needed a couple of stitches. Well, I'm finally healed, so our family is starting the program again.

Last night, we all did our first exhaustion test. For this test, we had to do as many push ups as we could do without stopping. Here are our results: Jeremy did 35, I did 15, Margaret and Miranda did 10. So, tonight we start the first day of training. We'll keep everyone updated on our progress.


Margaret Knox said...

Thanks for telling everyone that I am as strong as my 11 yr old daughter. Ugh!

Alan Knox said...

Remember that the first time I started I only did 6! So, you are twice as strong as I was!