Wednesday, January 14, 2009

20th Anniversary

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary! Unfortunately, we're spending it apart because Margaret is helping take care of her dad in Alabama while he's recovering from bypass surgery. This afternoon, our friend Denise surprised me with a fruit basket that she made. (I think Margaret had something to do with this.) And, yes, I said that Denise made this - she did not buy it. I think it looks and tastes great!

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Margaret Knox said...


Happy Anniversary! Share with the kids.

I love you!

ps-Denise-The fruit bouquet looks great.

karla said...

Happy Anniversary! May the Lord bless you with many more years.
That fruit bowl looks yummy.

Margaret I hope your daddy is doing well. Miss you guys.


Patti said...

I have a question....Is this the real anniversary or the fake one you speak of so often?????

I miss you guys very much and am trying to plan a trip up over my next break from school.

Love you,


Renata said...

That's much better than Key Lime Pie!