Friday, December 28, 2007

Boxing Day with the Knox Family

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. But, this is not about THAT Boxing Day. Instead, on Christmas Day, while we were visiting family in Alabama, our family had a boxing day. Margaret's brother, Ben, brought his Wii, and we all enjoyed playing various games while we were in Alabama. At one point, Jeremy and Miranda both challenged me to a game of boxing. Since I was champion of all the various games on the Wii, they thought they could get the best of me by fighting me back to back.

Thanks to our new videocamera (a Christmas gift from my parents), Miranda and Margaret captured much of the action. (Of course, this means you'll probably see many, many more videos on this blog.) I put the video clips together for my first attempt at making a movie. Miranda helped me - she's already a pro at making movies. So, here is Boxing Day with the Knox Family. Enjoy!


Dusman said...

Great stuff guys . . it looks like you all had a blast at Christmas. I boxed amateur for 3 years and did kickboxing for 5 years so I love anything related to it, even a game. I'm too old now to do any of it! THEREFORE, It looks like it's gonna be rolling around on the floor with my little girl and yelling and screaming with her like a madman. I hope you guys have a great New Year and Erin and I look forward to eventually visiting your fellowship in the future.

T Michael W Halcomb said...

Looks like you all had fun!!! Alan, I saw you wiping the sweat off of your forehead around the 2:50 marker. They wore you out didn't they? Good stuff. Be blessed. Happy New Year.

renata said...

Be encouraged Alan, if Rocky can come back in his old days, you can too ;-)

Patti said...

Mr. Alan--you always make me laugh....Too funny!

Alan Knox said...


I think I'm too old to box on the Wii, much less real boxing.


Yes, we did have fun, and yes, they did wear me out.


Thank you for the encouragement!


I'm glad that I can make you laugh.


Anonymous said...

Alan your family is hilarious. I'm glad you all had a great Christmas. The Henrys hope you have a happy New Year and pray for your safe return.

Samurai Queen said...

Were you sore after boxing? It's a workout, isn't it? Christyn & I did it, and I beat her! I couldn't stop laughing while doing it, and the same goes when I watched your video!

*cough* I must say that I was rooting for the underdogs (Sorry, Alan!) You guys did your teacher proud!


Kate said...

Thats so funny Alan, I haven't played with that yet.

Oh yeah, do you know that thing you can use through google to keep up with your visits and views on your blog? Dan should be the link one time, but i can't figure it out.