Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Weak Week after Thanksgiving

So, after our wonderful Thanksgiving, Margaret and I both developed bronchitis. She was coughing and not feeling well Monday morning. I followed a couple of days behind her. We went to the doctor Thursday and were diagnosed with bronchitis. I guess that's good news, because its not strep or the flu. The good thing is that Margaret and I are starting to feel better. The bad thing is that Miranda woke up this morning (Sunday) coughing. So far Jeremy hasn't started coughing. But, we have to watch him closely because he develops pneumonia so easily. Anyway, I'm (Alan) staying home with Miranda this morning since I'm still a couple of days behind Margaret in recovering, while Margaret and Jeremy meet with our church this morning.

More good news: Miranda and her friend Lindsay participated in another Craft Sale this weekend. The craft sale was Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon. Again they made and sold pot holders and greeting cards. They sold 24 (all but one) of their pot holders and 82 greeting cards. They were very excited about selling so many of their crafts. Unfortunately, we don't have pictures this time.

Even more good news: We finally started decorating our house for Christmas last night. If you know Margaret, you know that this is probably the latest in the year that we have ever gone without decorating for Christmas. Even last year, when she was recuperating from ankle surgery, we decorated earlier than this - of course, my father was here to help decorate last year. But, since we have both been sick, we have not been able to decorate. So, like I said, we started last night. Believe it or not, I gave in and bought icicle lights this year. I'm not sure what came over me. But, I'm sure they'll look great. We'll post pictures once we've finished decorating.

This coming week is going to be a busy week for us. Actually, the next few weeks will be busy. We have friends coming over. We're going carolling a few times. We're going to Christmas parties. So, just like everyone else, this will be a busy time. We'll try to at least post pictures of the carolling - which is always alot of fun.


markandmeg said...

Hope you guys feel better soon! We can't wait to join you on Wed to go caroling!

Alan Knox said...

We're feeling better, thank you. We're looking forward to seeing you too.