Thursday, December 6, 2007

Caroling in our neighborhood

Wednesday night, we invited some friends to come to our house in order to sing Christmas carols to our neighbors. Margaret made chili and vegetable soup along with lots of candy and cookies and goodies. Our friends brought more soup and fixings and drinks and cookies and brownies and stuff.

We spent an hour or so eating and talking and catching up with everyone. Then we went around our neighborhood singing Christmas songs and greeting our neighbors. Margaret had filled Christmas tins with more goodies, and we gave those to our neighbors as gifts. After caroling, we came back to our house to finish off the goodies and spend more time talking.

This Saturday, one of our neighbors has planned another round of caroling, and our family is hoping to take part in that as well. Then, next weekend, our friends Maël and Cindy have invited us and others to their house to sing carols to their neighbors. So, we'll be singing for the next week!

We have a few pictures below. Unfortunately, the camera batteries died before we reached the first house.

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Eric said...


I wish we could have been with you all! It sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad you are getting to know your neighbors as well.


Alan Knox said...


We wish you and your family could have been with us as well. We miss you all!