Saturday, December 22, 2007

Caroling with the Disseaus

Last Sunday, December 16, we went caroling with other friends in the neighborhood of our good friends Maël and Cindy. It was very cold, but we all had a great time. And, the taco soup that they had prepared for us helped to warm us up after caroling. Maël and Cindy were able to deliver gifts to most of their neighbors as we sang Christmas carols. They were also able to meet several new neighbors.

Please pray for Maël and Cindy. We heard that Cindy's grandmother passed away early this morning.

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Leah said...

Who's house is that? Did Mael and Cindy get an Extreme Makeover?

Glad to hear you all had fun - what a sweet, happy family you are!

Alan Knox said...


That's Maël and Cindy's house. They've been doing alot of work on it.