Saturday, December 8, 2007

Caroling WITH our neighbors

So, last Wednesday night, some of our friends came over to our house, and we all went caroling TO our neighbors. But, tonight, we went caroling WITH our neighbors. Our neighbor across the street planned everything. We simply walked across the street and joined a group of neighbors who walked around the whole neighborhood, occasionally stopping to sing a few songs.

To be honest, we were not sure how this would work out. We've never heard of a neighborhood caroling to itself. We thought that all of the neighbors who cared about caroling would join in. So, the only people we would be caroling to would be those people who do not care about caroling. But, it worked out well. Sure, many people were not home. But, many people were home and we were able to share a little joy with them through music.

Plus, we were able to meet a few neighbors that we have not met before. It was a great mix of people - young and old, men and women. In particular, since Jeremy went with us, several neighbors talked to us about their teenage boys - who did not come caroling, but who were looking for friends in the neighborhood.

After caroling we returned to our neighbors' house to eat a few treats and to talk. All in all, this was a great idea, and I recommend it to other people looking for neighborhood-wide activities. (We did not take our camera, so we do not have pictures.)

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